About AirGap Labs

We are engineers. We live to design, collaborate, and deliver.

Who We Are

Masters in Technology and Innovation

AirGap Labs, founded in 2013 and headquartered in Irvine, California, employs some of the most accomplished engineers from all fields of information technology and supports clients from a broad array of industries across the globe. Possessing dozens of industry recognized certifications and decades of technical experience to back them up, our engineers are considered experts in enterprise networking, cloud infrastructure, collaboration technology, security driven digital transformation, and managed services. We run a client centric organization, focused on value driven outcomes, and operate on the belief that every project counts, no matter the scope.

Our Value

All about customers.

When our customer thrives, we succeed. Our focus isn’t to sell, but to solve.

We are engineers. We live to design, collaborate, and deliver. Nothing beats the exhilaration of dissecting the problem and delivering the solution.


At AirGap Labs, our mission is to foster client growth and success through the delivery of well architected systems and solutions. We aim to provide value driven outcomes and believe every project counts, no matter the scope.


We envision developing long-term, value-added relationships with every one of our clients. We hope to accomplish this, not only by delivering top tier custom solutions, but by becoming a partner in growing your business through technology and innovation.

What sets us apart

Security, every step of the way

Our team possesses expertise in a wide range of Top Tier Industry solutions with an emphasis on security. Here at AirGap Labs, we don’t bolt on security like a typical security vendor – we engineer security from start to finish. Our primary job is to ensure your systems are operating at peak performance without compromising security. We partner with companies to tailor security to each individual client’s needs and requirements.